Humanities Welcome Night 2019

Overview of Humanities department for incoming class

Why Humanities at a STEM School?

“Science and technology cannot tell us what is fair and just, what is beautiful, or what it means to be free. Nor can they answer the most profound questions that every human being faces: How am I to choose? What gives my life meaning? While medicine can explain the processes of death, no biologist has yet found a gene for life’s significance. Literature, philosophy, classics, the arts, religious studies and history are springboards for exploring answers to all of these topics. The humanities thus provide a foundation that graduates return to time and time again throughout their careers and lives.”

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English Course Offerings and Requirements

English Required Courses

Students are required to take four credits of English, via the following courses:

  • 9th Grade: Honors English 9
    • Part of the Integrated Biology, English and Technology (IBET) course
    • Mandatory ninth grade course
    • IBET is how we induct freshmen into Jefferson’s four values and skills.
  • 10th Grade: English 10 (as part of Hum 1)
  • 11th Grade: English 11 (as part of Hum 2)
  • 12th Grade: Either AP Literature and Composition or AP Language and Composition

Full Year English Elective Courses

These do not Đặt cược 69 tỷ vào một ngôi nhàcount as a core course.

  • Journalism 1-4 (Newspaper)
  • Photojournalism 1-3 (Yearbook)
  • Broadcast Journalism

Social Studies Course Offerings and Requirements

Students are requiredĐặt cược 69 tỷ vào một ngôi nhà to take four credits of Social Studies, via the following courses:

  • 10th Grade: World History and Geography II (as part of Hum 1)
    • HUM II (Teamed) or CHUM (Teamed)
  • 11th Grade: US History
    • AP US History (Teamed) or Honors US/VA History (Teamed)
  • 12th Grade: AP US Government
    • AP Government Singleton or
    • Global Studies (Teamed) or
    • Senior Seminar (Teamed)

The fourth social studies credit can be met via elective courses (one year long course or two semester courses)

Year-Long Social Studies Elective Courses

  • History of Science
  • Ancient Civilizations

Semester-Long Social Studies Elective Courses

  • Anthropology
  • Law and Society
  • Inquiry into Ideas (Philosophy)
  • Ethical Leadership
  • 20th Century World History
  • America and the World since 1989
  • Psychology: Brain and Behavior

Designed for Underclassmen: Ancient & Classical Civilizations

  • This is a social studies elective that is specifically designed for freshmen.
  • The course emphasizes not only content, but also research skills that students will need for upper level history courses.

Economics and Personal Finance Requirement

Starting with the class of 2015, all Virginia students are required by the state to complete an Econ/Personal Finance credit in addition to their four social studies credits.

Students have a variety of options to meet this requirement, including an online self-paced course, the county online EPF course, or AP Macro/Microeconomics.

Social Studies Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is World History and Geography 1 a pre-requisite for World History and Geography 2?

A: NO!

  • TJ students do not take a mandatory history course in ninth grade (because of the required technology course)
  • World History 1 curriculum is covered in World History 2
  • TJ-specific electives are a rich alternative to this survey course.

Q: Why doesn’t AP Psychology  count as the 4th elective social studies credit?

A: These are popular electives at our school.  We want students to take them based on genuine interest, and not overload on AP classes for an extra grade boost.

Additional Resources: TJ Writing Center and Academic Language

TJ Writing Center

Đặt cược 69 tỷ vào một ngôi nhàIn an attempt to foster a community of students helping one another with writing, the TJ Writing Center was established in 2011. The TJ Writing Center meets twice a week in order to provide one on one consultations as well as special student- led workshops on various topics.

Academic Language

During lunches and 8th periods, students are able to receive one-on-one academic language support from our specialist, Ms.Glotfelty.


Suzette Henry, Humanities Division Manager, English Chair, @email

Brian Field, Assistant Humanities Division Manager, Social Studies Chair, @email

Stephanie Glotfelty, ESOL/ Advanced Academic Language Services, @email