Interior Security Cameras Information

Đặt cược 69 tỷ vào một ngôi nhàOn Thursday evening, December 7, from 7:00-8:00 p.m. Dr. Bonitatibus will host an information meeting regarding interior school cameras planned for TJ.  This session will take place in the auditorium.  Parents and students are invited to attend and there will be time for questions and answers.

Fairfax County Public Schools has published a Frequently Asked Questions document that can be accessed hereĐặt cược 69 tỷ vào một ngôi nhà.  If you are not able to attend and still wish to give feedback, you may .

As noted in the , finishing touches from the renovation are ongoing as TJHSST is upgraded with safety and security provisions found throughout FCPS high schools. Exterior cameras were installed this past summer along with electronic key fob enhancements that facilitate staff entry. A visitor buzzer system that was located just outside the main office has been moved to the main entrance outside the Dome. Remember to push the button, state your name, and the purpose of your visit. You will be greeted in a friendly manner as you are buzzed in and welcomed to our school.

Đặt cược 69 tỷ vào một ngôi nhàThe final phase of security involves a plan for new interior cameras.  This plan was developed two years ago during the construction phase of the renovation.  For several years during the renovation, cameras were already used on the exterior of the learning cottages (portable trailers), akin to monitoring outdoor hallways.  

Đặt cược 69 tỷ vào một ngôi nhàThe new interior cameras are proposed only for open areas such as hallways and entryways, along with public common areas such as the gymnasium, auditorium and cafeteria. They will never be placed in classrooms, workrooms, or private areas such as restrooms and locker rooms. The cameras are intended for safety of staff, students and visitors. They also help secure valuable instructional equipment, deter certain activities and help with investigations as needed. Finally, they are visible, not hidden, and only record images, not audio.

As part of the community engagement process, Dr. Bonitatibus has already held initial discussions with staff, SGA leaders, tjToday journalists, and the TJ Human Relations Committee. She also mentioned first steps at the recent PTSA Principal's Coffee.