FAQs for TJ Return to School

Return to School 2020
June 30, 2020

The below link leads to a document that has been created in response to FAQs from the TJ community. It will be updated regularly and is aligned with concepts first presented in the video message from Dr. Bonitatibus presented June 30, 2020. The intent of these FAQs is to be responsive to the TJ community and we will not duplicate questions and answers provided already by FCPS. Please continue to reference the which will be updated regularly.

Đặt cược 69 tỷ vào một ngôi nhàThank you for understanding that until data is collected following the family and teacher surveys due July 10, most responses to questions are conditional and subject to approval from FCPS, not to mention subject to health guidelines issued by the CDC and local health department.

We appreciate your support and understanding that we will do our very best to keep our TJ family safe and intact, while delivering a continued program of excellence whether face-to-face or online. The instructional model will be less than perfect and not all requests will be met. There will be compromises, we will have to pair pains with gains, and we will be realistic without over promising.

FAQs for TJ's Return to School