Curricular Resources

January 14, 2021

Curricular Resources for Academic Planning for the 2021-2022 School Year

Đặt cược 69 tỷ vào một ngôi nhàThank you students and families for joining us for the Curriculum Fair and Curriculum Night on January 13, 2021. 

All information shared is accessible on the TJHSST Website, and more detailed information about the curriculum is always available on each of the TJHSST academic departmental web pages

Resources available on the TJHSST Website: 

Đặt cược 69 tỷ vào một ngôi nhàStudents can begin their Course Selection in StudentVUE this month.  Please see the video below for a brief overview.  

Đặt cược 69 tỷ vào một ngôi nhàStudents will then meet with their assigned counselor in February and March to finalize their selections for next year according to the schedule below:

  • Class of 2022 (via AP and Honors Physics) | February 1 to 12, 2021 
  • Class of 2023 (via Health and PE10)  |  February 15 to 26, 2021
  • Class of 2024 (via IBET) | March 1 to 12, 2021

Đặt cược 69 tỷ vào một ngôi nhàThe videos below go through graduation requirements and course considerations and by grade. 


How to reach your counselor and the Student Services team?  Click here for all contacts:  Student Services 

There is a counselor available on site at TJHSST every weekday and you can reach the Student Services suite by calling 703-750-8340 during office hours.